UI Challenge - Tracking the Pandemic with Xamarin Forms

This UI Challenge is about building a beautiful and simple, yet fully functional Xamarin Forms app that allows you to track global and local COVID-19 statistics. We make use of:

  • Simple Rest API Helper to fetch latest news data and COVID statistics (global and country-wide)
  • CoverflowView to display the latest news with scaling and opacity
  • Microcharts to display Donut Chart with a custom legend
  • PancakeView for beautiful rounded frames with shadows
  • FFImageLoading for caching images
  • Animations to show pop-up panes
  • Custom page design, fonts, colors and styles
  • Busy Indicator control using simple View Models (with base) 


You can download the full source code of the app from Github


The Design



You can also see the running version of this app HERE.


See me build this app

You can see me build this app in a 3-part series on Youtube. We start from scratch by creating a blank XF app and completing it step by step.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


And that's it for this app. You can head over to Github to grab the code and play with it yourself.


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  • Nice....

    May be add dependency injection or use other MVVM framework.

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